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Our Services

We primarily work with early-stage (seed-series B) CEOs on their venture capital needs (ticket sizes: USD 1M-30M+ for tech growth capital & 20M-100M+ for non-tech venture debt deals). We provide these capabilities by working with a merchant banking advisory firm (sell-side) in the EU with a global network of 7500 institutional investors.
We also provide consulting services to select VC-backed startups, mid-market, and large companies on non-exclusive short-term engagements. We are always interested in collaborating with global organizations, research institutions, universities, & non-profits.

PE/VC Fundraising

Strategic Advisory

We work with disruptive early-stage companies across verticals on their key milestones globally. We provide trusted guidance that; helps you make the best possible strategic decisions, helps you avoid costly mistakes, and accelerates your growth trajectory.

We have a global reach and active contact with over 7,500 investment funds, corporate M&A departments, Family Offices, and Fund of Funds.

Management Consulting

GTM Strategy

The GTM strategy will help a business clarify why it's launching the product, understand who the product is for, and create a plan to engage with the customer and convince them to buy the product or service.

By creating a competitive GTM strategy, be it for foreign markets or maximizing your local GTM strategy, we can help you achieve peak potential in accelerated timeframes while staying cognizant of your competitive landscape.

Management Consulting

Sales Enablement

Let's discuss which sales methodology works for your business. 90% of marketing and sales professionals admit that the two departments are misaligned across processes, goals, culture, and content. What can you do as a leader to strengthen your company?

An elite sales team requires three key ingredients, all of which are necessary for success: the right people, the right process, and a maniacal standard of execution.

Want to know what is the best approach for your next capital raise?